Cluster TEHNOINTERIJERI was founded with the goal of:

  • members’ joint approach in both domestic and foreign markets,
  • sustainable development,
  • and simpler integration into the flow of the European Union.

The Cluster gathers domestic producers of highly finalized furniture and equipment made for buildings in business and tourism sector, as well as companies offering services in regard to equipping interiors, marketing, education and export.

Advantages of forming a cluster:

  • joint approach on larger scale projects in both domestic and foreign markets
  • exchange of know-how and technologies
  • larger capacities and faster adjustment to the market
  • division of marketing expenses
  • increased competitiveness
  • reducing costs while increasing profit
  • organized education and easier access to information
  • common brand
  • increased export of the final product
Advantages of Tehnointerijeri:
  • existing positive image of its members and distinguished market identity
  • good relationship with customers
  • flexibility and fast adaptability to the market
  • highly educated management
  • development of a joint export product
  • support of other institutions

Mission: Development of the Region through Cluster Export
  • expanding export capacities and increasing added value of the existing export products of Cluster members
  • joint development of new products as well as export to foreign markets
  • expanding export in the tourism sector via increased quality of family owned hotels with Cluster expert help and joint promotion in the international markets
2006 Statistics:

Cluster Tehnointerijeri Members:
Employees 966
Turnover 158.625.891,00 kn
Out of which export 60.790.000,00 kn
Export to following countries Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Macedonia, France, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Serbia, and Montenegro

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